We are the premier roof care, cleaning and improvement company in Kilmarnock & Carlisle, covering Ayrshire, Glasgow, Cumbria and Beyond.


Remove Moss and AlGae

Your roof is susceptible to extreme weather conditions and built-up collections of materials that can lead  to loose tiles, sagging, or streaks and stains. ATO Roofing can safely remove collected leaves, moss and algae, then chemically treat your roof to hinder further growth.


We’re able to make good or rectify a variety of problems that may have fallen upon your roof. From the smallest, simplest issue, such as a loose tile, or all the way through to a complete overhaul, we can keep your roof in tip-top shape.


Our protective strips prevent birds from fouling and damaging your roof by denying them a comfortable place to land and rest. Weather-proof and resistant to direct sunlight, these strips will ensure decades of guaranteed service.

Exterior Painting

Our professional painting service will prime and pre-treat your exterior surfaces, then apply a final coat of paint. Let us spruce up those tired or lackluster exteriors with some bright and appealing colours.

Eves Guard

A durable, rigid PVC fitting that provides an immediate, lasting and cost-effective solution for those roofs with damage to the underlay or felt along the length of the eaves. 

Bird Deterrent Measures

Stop birds landing on your property

Stainless steel bird spikes will stop birds landing on your roof. They are made from 304 grande stainless steel wires protruding from a super-tough durolon UV stabilised polycarbonate base. These heavy-duty bird spikes come with a 25 year “no rust” warranty. This will give you the confidence to install them knowing they can withstand even the heaviest bird infestations and the toughest environment. 

Roof Moss & Algae Removal

Our speciality at ATO Roofing is the removal of moss, algae and other unappealing elements from
your roof.

We refrain from using the often damaging method of pressure washing and instead sweep and scrape away debris, and then apply a chemical treatment.

This will hinder the growth of damaging materials and leave you with a sleek, clean and attractive

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